mercredi 2 novembre 2016

Corsica Masters: MVL beats Anand in final

11/2/2016 – The cover picture to the left best describes what happened in the Sunday clash between MVL and Anand. It was a fighting match to be fair. Anand sacrificed his queen in the first game with the black pieces but had to build a fortress in the end to secure a draw. He might have fancied his chances of pushing with white against MVL. But the Frenchman is popular all over the world for his expertise in Sicilian Najdorf. The audience were praying for the Najdorf to appear and the Frenchman obliged. 

samedi 29 octobre 2016

Corsica Masters: Anand vs MVL in final

by Priyadarshan Banjan
10/29/2016 – The surprising thing about Corsica is the inherent diversity of the small Mediterranean island, one of the regions under France. It is a bit like a game between two fighting chessplayers — glittering bays, relaxed beaches, dense forests, mountain peaks. The geography is never constant. Corsica is hosting a notable chess festival with the chief attraction being a rapid tournament featuring MVL and Anand. Illustrated report with analyses.